German pop/rock duo based in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Vox: Sabrina Winter
Guitar: Michael Scheuber

STEREOBLONDE – The Beginning:

Sabrina formed STEREOBLONDE in 1998 in Frankfurt, Germany. Two years later her debut album „Confidential“ got released by Eastwest Records (Warner). The first single „Top of the world“ became a radio hit in Germany and still can be heard frequently on German radio. STEREOBLONDE was the support act for bands and artists such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Glow, Amanda Marshall, Toto, Kajagoogoo and Kim Wilde. Sabrina is mainly inspired by the sound of the 80s but also by femals singers like Fiona Apple, Emiliana Torrini and bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Tegan & Sara and The Sounds. But through all the years her major influence is Kim Wilde. Kim & Sabrina know each other for over 25 years and they became close friends.

On the creation of STEREOBLONDE’s new single „Sweetest of all darlings:

STEREOBLONDE’s new single „Sweetest of all Darlings“ is a homage to Kim Wilde. : „The joy, the pain, the fun, the tears, we shared a lot over the years. So many loved ones gone for good, but you never let me down“ . This quote is taken from the second verse of the song and underlines the deep connection between the two women.

At the age of thirteen Sabrina saw a photo of Kim in a german teen magazine called „Bravo“. Sabrina was instantely fascinated by Kim’s style, looks, charisma, her unique voice and her songs. A few months later Sabrina attended her very first Kim Wilde concert without even knowing she would write a song for Kim’s 50th birthday more that 2 decades later. Many concerts followed until the two blondes got to know each other personally and kept in touch ever since. Over the years they formed a deep bond and friendship. „Without Kim I would never became a singer myself. She was and still is such an inspiration. I grew up with her and her songs!“ says Sabrina.

Sabrina dedicates „Sweetest of all Darlings“ not even to Kim but also to all other women and their best girlfriends because “nothing makes us girls happier than a soulmate that blindly understands and shares all ups and downs.”